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Why the Open Concept Office Needs to Change (or die a slow death)

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The first time I saw an open concept office I wasn’t feeling it at all.  I see it as a breeding ground for germ-spreading and constant exposure to others even when you just prefer to work alone.  Unfortunately, this trend has really taken off in the world of IT.  And although I’m sure there are many who dislike this concept as much as I do the open concept office trend continues to spread with more companies jumping on board with it.  Even mid and upper level managers are sometimes seated in these “open, collaborative” areas.  Besides a concept that encourages collaboration amongst colleagues, the open concept office is also supposed to help build a stronger team and an atmosphere of inclusion and fairness as I’ve read in some articles and from my own experience.  It is also thought that this will encourage team members to work together more and, as a result, get more work done.  Think about it…if you’re sitting in an open concept office then you’re less likely to check your personal email, shop online, or take “work selfies” to post to your social media pages.  An open office environment likely makes you feel as if you’re always being watched.  So, of course, you’re going to get more work done since you have less time to goof off, right?  Not necessarily. 

  Here are a few I can think of from my own experience. Continue reading

food journaling

The Importance of Food Journaling

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Do you food journal?  Do you even know what it is?  Food journaling is important especially if you’re trying to maintain a healthy diet.  You should know what you’ve eaten and drank for the day and at least have a good idea of the nutritional content.  Knowing this information gives you even more control over maintaining your health and decreasing your chances for diseases often related to weight issues.  And with the variety of apps available along with simple notepads and planners you can carry around food journaling is super easy to do.  Continue reading


The Benefit of Virtual Fitness Challenge Groups

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Getting in shape alone can be a challenge for many people.  Even if you use a good home workout video led by the top fitness gurus it is still sometimes difficult to stay motivated.  Why?  Because life happens.  Maybe you had a long day at work.  Or maybe you have to do things with the kids.  You may even have to run errands or make an unplanned trip to the store to get something else needed for dinner. Whatever it is may just be enough to leave you feeling unmotivated to work out. Sometimes we need that extra motivation that someone can offer us to keep pushing toward our fitness goals. But don’t think the only way to do this is by joining a class at the gym or getting a personal trainer.  As a result of technology and the explosion of social media, virtual fitness challenge groups continue to grow in popularity.  These groups consist of people who share a common interest in getting healthier and more fit while utilizing technology to form virtual support systems.  This may include participants reaching out to each other in social media groups, inboxes, instant messaging, online groups, etc.  The convenience (and in many cases money savings) virtual fitness challenge groups offer is awesome…at least it was for me.  Here are a few reasons why you should consider joining one. Continue reading

meal prepping, meal planning

Meal Preppin’ 101!

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So you want to eat better and eat out less.  With many of us working full-time jobs, taking care of kids, cleaning around the house, or just chillin’ to relieve your mind from a crazy busy day the struggle is definitely real finding time to cook healthy, filling meals.  So have you ever considered cooking enough food that can get you through a few days?  Wouldn’t it be nice to come home from work and not have to cook for at least a few days because you have a variety of food items that have already been prepared?  Just think about how much time and money it can save you as well as how much easier it can make eating healthier.  This type of planning ahead is often referred to as meal prepping or planning.  And if you’re into or trying to get into maintaining a healthy lifestyle then meal prepping is definitely something you should consider.  But how does it work?  Let me give you a few ideas and tips on how you can become a meal preppin’ champ.  The money and time you’ll save will be well worth the effort that goes into making this task a habit. Continue reading

21 Day Fix Extreme

Gettin’ Fit with 21 Day Fix EXTREME! My Review

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All the weight loss program options that are out these days can be overwhelming.  I mean you can find all types ranging from quick fixes that require only a few days to expensive programs that last for months depending on how much weight you’re trying to lose.  Some work, some don’t.  But whichever you choose there are just some things you can’t get away from when losing AND MAINTAINING your weight loss….healthy habits, healthy eating, and a great workout regimen.  I don’t care what the program promises you…if it doesn’t incorporate these then your weight loss, if any, will likely be temporary.  So what weight loss program is out there that is very affordable, involves various workouts that “keep your muscles guessing” to increase your chance of weight loss, and DOESN’T INVOLVE STARVING YOURSELF?  21 Day Fix Extreme baby!  It’s the new Beachbody program from Autumn Calabrese…great workouts, EXCELLENT meal plan, and gives you 21 days to form new, healthy habits that you can realistically maintain for life. Continue reading

BowFlex Max Trainer integration with Google Fit

Nautilus, Inc. Simplifies Health Data Tracking with Google Fit

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Nautilus, a leader in home fitness equipment, recently announced that its Bowflex Max Trainer® will support Google Fit.  Google Fit is an open health-tracking platform designed for Android that collects and stores fitness data from different devices and apps into one location.  This provides users with a comprehensive view of their fitness activities.  Continue reading


Healthy Habits at the Office

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I recently heard someone say at the office “sitting is the new smoking”.  I found this to be quite interesting as I never thought of the effects of sitting for long periods of time as so many working adults do.  Many of us have jobs where we are sitting for much of the day whether it is an in-office or home office/telecommuting job.  And it’s easy to find yourself sitting for a few hours if you’re heads down in work.  While this may be the norm for many it can also be treacherous on the body more than you may think.

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Edmund Pettus Bridge

A Walk Through History: My Trip to Selma, Alabama

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Selma, AlabamaWalking is not only good for an easy way to burn calories but it is also a great time for thinking. This past Sunday, I walked several miles around the town of Selma, AL.  I was in town for most of that day and didn’t sit down at all…I was on my feet practically the entire time except sitting while attending church services that morning.  I was proud of myself for not being tired (and not wearing the wrong shoes) and, of course, for burning plenty of calories.  But this led me to a deeper thought…a thought about all those who fought for their rights during the civil rights movement, much of what took place in Selma.  I thought about the long walks they took such as the 50+ mile march from Selma to Montgomery.  I also thought about the blood and tears shed that did not stop their movement…but instead made it stronger. Continue reading

IT Certification Vs. Master’s Degree…which holds more value?

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it certAs an IT professional who has worked in the field for over 13 years, I’ve found myself in the past couple of years thinking more about what I can do to take my career to the next level.  What can I do to compliment the experience I have, which spans from programming to project management?  How can I use to my advantage the experience I’ve gained from working in different industries including retail, financial, and biotechnology?  And most of all, how can I make my MBA work better for me in the IT field to get to the next level in my career?  I used to think that my MBA could help me with this but now not so much.  From talking to a number of recruiters, peers, managers, and conducting my research I’m now thinking that an IT certification would be more valuable (maybe even MUCH more valuable) than my MBA.  But depending on your career path in IT one may definitely hold more weight than the other. Continue reading

Cauliflower crust hummus pizza

My Easy, Tasty, Cauliflower Crust Hummus Pizza

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I know that the title of this post is a mouthful to say!  But I wanted to make sure that from reading you can see that this is not your typical pizza….very tasty and GUILT-FREE!  I’m talking about nutrients from lots of veggies, fiber and healthy fats from hummus, and a small amount of cheese to give it the classic pizza taste without an overload of too much fat and too many calories.  And then comes the best part…the crust is made from chopped cauliflower so it is GLUTEN-FREE!  So this is a GLUTEN-FREE, low fat, low calorie, nutrient-rich, tasty pizza (WINNING)!  Ok let’s get on to the easy recipe I have for this.  It doesn’t require too many ingredients or parchment paper as I’ve seen with some other cauliflower crust recipes.  So I hope you enjoy it! Continue reading

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