Tilapia Stir-Fry w/Brown Rice

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Stir-fry is one of my favorite meals to eat.  The mix of vegetables along with a tasty sauce is always a great, guilt-free lunch or dinner I enjoy.  Generally, at restaurants I typically find that they offer chicken, beef, or even tofu to add into a stir-fry. But at home I decided to try it with fish instead.  Tilapia is something that we cook a lot at my house (wild-caught vs. farm-raised tilapia is best!) tilapia stir-fryso one day I thought I’d experiment & try it as an add-in to my stir-fry vegetables. It was so good that now it has become my favorite way to eat stir-fry, not to mention all the nutritional benefits offered by tilapia such as omega-3 fatty acids and a good amount of protein.  Wanna try it yourself?  Well check out this easy recipe.  I’m sure you will not be disappointed.
KidsLink app

How the Tech Market Isn’t Serving Moms & KidsLink’s Answer to This

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(NOTE: I am an affiliate for KidsLink and making this post in support of their product.  This involves an agreement that I will receive a payment from them when the app is downloaded via the link I have provided at the bottom of this post.  However, I DO NOT agree to be an affiliate for any company whose product I do not believe in.  As a mom of two kids and lover of technology, I TRULY believe in the KidsLink app.  I hope that after reading this blog post you will, too.)

An an IT pro who has been in the field for over 12 years now, I am fascinated by how far technology has brought us.  What used to require a stamp and mailbox now only requires the click of a “send” button (email).  Or how about sharing your children’s precious moments with family and friends when they visit by pulling out the huge photo album?  Yes some would call those the good ol’ days but boy has technology made life easier by not requiring these things anymore.  But even with the evolution of technology it seems that the needs of moms are somewhat neglected.  This could be due to a number of reasons.  Maybe there aren’t enough female software developers who are moms.  Or maybe there just simply aren’t enough software developers who even understand the needs of moms (or take the time to do so).  Well finally a software developer knowledgeable in the world of social media has taken out the time to develop something to meet the needs of moms.  The new KidsLink app has been developed with mom in mind.  You can call it the new social media for moms….think Facebook + Instagram + Dropbox.  What moms everywhere have been waiting for is finally here.KidsLink Continue reading

Epic Sports Bar & Grill

North St. Louis County Hot Spot: Epic Sports Bar & Grill

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Epic Sports Bar & Grill food
Variety of foods at Epic Sports Bar & Grill

Think great drinks, DELICIOUS food, cool music, and a “grown n sexy” atmosphere.  This is what describes Epic Sports Bar & Grill located in Spanish Lake, MO.  Only recently opening in the Sierra Vista Plaza a few doors down from the Schnucks grocery store, this establishment has already seen its fair share of days and nights with bustling business.  And thanks to its offerings that I previously mentioned (drinks, food, and atmosphere), I don’t see their business slowing down anytime soon. Continue reading

A Hidden Southwestern Gem: Oklahoma City, OK

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Oklahoma City water taxi
Pic courtesy of www.pgavplanners.com

I recently took a weekend trip to Oklahoma City, OK for my alma mater’s homecoming festivities.  I must say that in the 13 years I’ve been out of school this city has changed quite a bit…for the better. Known for having its Sooner fans and now also for its NBA team (Thunder Up!), Oklahoma City has more to offer than many may expect.  I would say it is definitely worth checking out for a place to visit. Continue reading

Cool Places In and Around North St. Louis County, MO

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North St. Louis CountyNorth St. Louis County is where I have lived for the past several years.   A large area of St. Louis’ metropolitan area, north county is home to over 375,000 residents based on the last census count done in 2010.  It is a flourishing area with a variety of restaurants and shops for its diverse population of residents to enjoy.  But lately with all the news coverage of Ferguson, Mo, which is also part of North St. Louis County, I think people who do not actually live here think it is a war zone, full of thugs, and just an overall depressing place to live.  Well I’m here to tell you that is absolutely not true.  While North St. Louis County has some issues just as almost any other community does, I would say that the pros definitely outweigh the cons and I enjoy living here.  So I have decided to highlight some cool places here that I thought people may want to check out if they currently live here, nearby, or plan to visit the St. Louis area soon. 

Continue reading


Quinoa Taco Salad

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IMG_20141006_214351Taco salad is one of my fave meals to eat.  There’s just something about a delicious, nutritious,  colorful mix of vegetables over seasoned meat mixed with crushed tortilla chips and chunky salsa then topped off with light sour cream that I just love! (Can’t you tell from how I described it that it is one of my absolute faves?!)  Well, as I have become more health-conscious I have experimented with various, more nutritional foods….quinoa is one of them.  This “super grain” has a number of nutritional benefits such as essential amino acids and it soaks up seasoning pretty well making it a great substitute for meat in some dishes.  After seeing a beautiful picture on Pinterest of a quinoa taco salad I decided to give it a try.  Not only did it look fantastic but it tasted HEAVENLY!  I mean look at that picture!  Ok wanna know how I made this tasty dish?  Then check out the recipe here! Continue reading

wine rack

6 Fun Facts To Know About Wine

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wine rack
wine rack

I am a wine lover.  I could drink a glass or two of Merlot everyday (yes I prefer dry and semi-sweet wine).  I’ve been to a number of wineries and I am always reading up on different types of wine.  And there has been some interesting information I have found that many wine drinkers may not know.  Curious to know what?  Then read on. Continue reading


6 Tasty Things To Do with Kale

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Many of us have heard about the benefits of kale. It’s nutritious and full of health benefits such as good amounts to calcium and fiber.  Consistent consumption of kale also helps to ward off health ailments such as lowering the risk of cancer, lowering blood pressure, and of course aiding in weight management due to its low calories.  But some may wonder what kale can be used for when it comes to meals and snacks. It’s definitely much more than a boring green leaf.  So here are a few ideas that can help. Continue reading

Blog Conference Must-Haves!

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Blog conference checklistI have officially attended my first blog conference, the Type A Parent conference held in Atlanta, and it was a blast!  It was a weekend full of networking with bloggers and brands from all over as well as learning about ways to lead a successful and profitable blog.  Blogging is a serious but fun business for many.  Kicking off with a pre-mixer event for bloggers to meet and greet, the Type A Parent conference was set to be a weekend full of learning, sharing, networking, and having fun.  I really enjoyed being able to talk face to face with “veteran” bloggers who have been in the game for a while and have successfully monetized their blogs.  Also, it was great to get helpful information and advice in the various sessions held throughout the conference.  These were all wins for me and made attending the conference very much worthwhile.  But as a “rookie” blogger attending my first blogger conference it should be no surprise that I made some mistakes.  There were a few important items I did not get prior to the conference such as business cards (yes…ashamed to say).  Here’s a list of items that should be taken to a blogger’s conference. Continue reading

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Tech Gadgets and Apps Every Busy Mom Should Have

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Being a mom is one of the greatest gifts life can offer. Full of twists and turns there is always something new to learn and numerous things to juggle. For many moms, it can become a struggle just to keep up…I’m speaking from experience!  Since the beginning of time, though, moms have found ways to manage the many duties that are required of them.  But it is always nice to have a little help just to make being a mom easier.  We’re fortunate enough to live in the age of advanced technology that has offered us many conveniences that make everyday life easier.  From gadgets to apps, there is something everyone can use and moms are certainly no exception to this.  I currently use and plan to purchase a few different apps and gadgets that make my life as a busy mom a bit easier so I thought it would be nice to share some ideas with other moms. Continue reading

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