Meal (and Dessert!) Ideas for the Vegan & Vegetarian…in Pictures!

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So maybe you’ve decided to take the route of becoming a vegan (a person who does not eat anything that comes from animals….no meat, no dairy, no seafood…none of that) or a vegetarian (a person who doesn’t eat meat but will eat some products that come from animals such as dairy).  Or maybe you’d just like to mix up your diet more with vegan and vegetarian dishes for health/fitness reasons.  Whatever your reasoning is it can definitely be a challenge to find meals that fall into these categories you will enjoy…especially if you’re used to eating tasty foods like barbecue chicken, juicy cheeseburgers, and tender steaks.  But we all know that eating these foods on a regular basis is not ideal for someone who is trying to follow a healthier diet.  No worries….there are PLENTY of tasty and healthier vegan and vegetarian alternatives out there that will have you wondering why you ever thought you’d actually miss eating these foods.  Let me help you out with a few meal ideas….I even threw in a couple of desserts!   Continue reading


Winter Squash Chili

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We are in the heart of the fall season and it is the perfect time for tasty dishes that warm our insides and fill our bellies.   But don’t overdo it and add pounds to that belly!  I’m a firm believer that you can eat healthy and keep the pounds off while still enjoying the foods you’ve always loved eating…and yes…I’m also referring to comfort food.  One of my fave comfort food dishes to eat during the fall is chili.  I literally have a start and cut-off point for cooking and eating chili (start in Oct when it starts getting cooler and stop in March when over winter and ready for warmer weather).  But I’ve changed up a bit how I make my chili.  I still make it chunky but with more vegetables.  I still season it well but with less sodium.  I’ve also gotten a bit more creative with it…most recently adding pumpkin to it.  I’m not a fan of pumpkin (I don’t even eat pumpkin pie) but my pumpkin chili turned out great!  Continue reading


A Fitness Tech Diva Presents: Overcoming “Workout Hair Struggles”!

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ATTENTION ATTENTION! Calling all stylists and fitness freaks interested in helping ladies who deal with “workout hair struggles”! A Fitness Tech Diva is planning an event and I really want you to be a part of it! There are so many sistas who get discouraged from working out because of the what it does to our hair (I can relate)! Y’all know what I’m talking about. You get your hair done on Friday, look fly for the weekend, go to the gym Monday and do a sweaty workout and POOF goes the hair! It’s hard to avoid this happening since many of us tend to sweat in our scalp. And there are SOOO many products on the shelves in stores that it’s hard to know which one to choose that will actually work! After trying multiple products and spending multiple DOLLARS on ones that didn’t work it can get extremely frustrating after a while. That’s why I’m putting together this event. Here’s what I’m looking for. Continue reading


Keepin’ It Real: Does Fitness “Fit” Your Lifestyle?

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fitnessFitness is a lifestyle.  I’m sure you have seen or heard this a number of times.  People say it, wear it on their clothing, post it on social media…it’s a truth that all of us “fitness freaks” share.  But what perception do those who may not quite fit into this lifestyle have of it?  Is this a lifestyle they can ever fit into or become part of?  When they look at weight charts and see that, according to these charts, they are 15 pounds overweight then do they feel like the “fitness freak” club is one they can never join because of all the obstacles they face?  These obstacles may include things such as what we enjoy eating, work/life balance, and even how we socialize.  How would you feel if a personal trainer or health coach told you that fried chicken you just can’t live without eating every Sunday for dinner is bad for you because of all the fat and calories it contains? Or what if someone tells you that you need to set aside at least 30 minutes to an hour at a minimum of 6 days a week to meet your weight goal when you typically work 45-50 hours a week minimum AND have a family at home?  How about those happy hours you and your friends have made it a weekly ritual to hook up at…your health coach tells you that those are a NO NO because of the temptation you face with all the available alcoholic drinks and fatty appetizers. How do you feel…this is an important part of how you socialize with others to wind down from the work week.  Do you really want to give up these things to be a part of the fitness lifestyle?  Of course, being fit and healthy is extremely beneficial so everyone should want to make it their goal.  But in reality, many do not know where to start or have the mindset to even think about starting out on a fitness journey.  As a result, what many of these health coaches, personal trainers, and others are telling these people falls on deaf ears.  And the “unfit” cycle they live in continues.   Continue reading

October: National Popcorn Month!

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Did you know that October is National Popcorn Month?  Popcorn is one of my fave snacks that I always keep in my pantry.  It’s easy to make, tasty (depending on the seasonings you use), and most of all healthy (unless you overload it with oil, butter, sugary stuff or salt)!  I stopped buying microwave popcorn about a year ago because of the chemicals used inside of the bags.  I didn’t want to feed that to my kids especially considering how much popcorn we consume (we typically eat it at home several times a week!).  So I returned to what I knew from my childhood and purchased an air popper.  The kids love watching the kernels turn into popcorn and fall into the bowl.
Even when their friends come over it’s quite a site for them to see! In honor of National Popcorn Month, here are a few fun facts about this tasty treat.  Continue reading


Simple Steps to Transform Your Body

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PhotoGrid_1443557029339So yesterday was Transformation Tuesday and I posted the below pic in honor of it.  Sometimes I think to myself that I haven’t lost that much weight…that it’s not 50-100 pounds like some so it’s not as noticeable.  But when I look at my old pics compared to now I can definitely see the difference.  Since early February of this year I have been on a fitness journey and have become ADDICTED to the fit lifestyle.  No, I won’t say I go overboard with it…I do take breaks (I now work out 5-6 times a week versus everyday) and I even have bad food and drinks every so often.  But there are a few key things that have helped me keep the weight I lost off and stick to this new, healthier, more fit lifestyle I’m living.  And you can do the same. Keep reading for my tips on how you can start living a lifestyle that will have you feeling and looking better than ever and make you see that the fit life is where it’s at. Continue reading

baked plantain

Baked Pecan Plantain

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I love my desserts and even as a “fitness freak” I still find ways to enjoy them without the guilt of consuming lots of calories and bad fats!  On my healthy foodie mission I’ve created some pretty tasty desserts such as my vegan oatmeal cookies (or vegetarian if you add honey) and Quinoa apple delight.  My latest creation is one that got A LOT of attention in the social media groups I posted it in so, of course, I knew I needed to add this to my website for future reference (and inclusion in my eBook…coming soon J).  Check out my easy, tasty recipe for Baked Pecan Plantain below.


Advantage of Utilizing the Internet for Restaurant Nutritional Fact Information

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Yesterday I didn’t bring my lunch to work today so I thought I’d order something.  I see people order Jimmy John’s all the time at my office so thought I’d give that a try.  But I was FLOORED when I read the nutritional facts online for some of their sandwiches.  Years ago, we didn’t have the Internet to provide such information…and many restaurants didn’t care to provide it, either (some still don’t).  Doing a simple online search of restaurant menu nutrition facts will have you reconsidering what to order at these places or where to eat altogether.  Let me give a few examples of the Jimmy John sandwiches that I found were surprisingly high in calories, fat, and sodium.  I’ve also found this to be the case at some of my other fave restaurants, which is why I rarely eat out anymore.  I choose to prepare most of my food at home so I know exactly how much of what I’m putting in it.  Wanna see what I found so far?  Then read on. Continue reading

Miami south beach run

Miami South Beach – A Great Destination for the Fitness Freak

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I just returned from an AWESOME vacay in Miami. I stayed at the  Clevelander Hotel right in the middle of the south beach strip. I  went with a group of fun people who are all around my age.  I ate at some great restaurants such as Playa Cafe (cuban food) & Pizza Rustica (great pizza at a bargain). I partied every night and the action was nonstop.  And in the midst of all this I was still able to get in some great workouts!  That’s why I’m putting south beach Miami as one of my fave spots for the fitness freak. Here’s why.

Continue reading

Bose bluetooth on-ear headphones

Bose Soundlink Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones – My Review

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Wouldn’t it be great to take a jog while listening to your fave tunes on a surround sound system?  How about a surround sound system that notifies you of phone calls that you can answer then talk on hands-free without interruption to your workout?  To top it off, you get all this wearing nicely cushioned headphones on your ears that don’t shift or bang against your collarbone while jogging (I’ll elaborate on this in a minute).  Sounds like the Bose Soundlink Bluetooth On-Ear headphones are just what you need.  Check out my review here. Continue reading
weight chart debate

The Deception of Weight Charts and the Curvaceous Woman

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Ok so recently I was just on Facebook when I saw a weight chart posted by a local fitness trainer.  It was pretty basic only showing what a woman should weigh based on her height with the categories of normal, overweight, and obese.  But how accurate are these charts especially for women from different racial and ethnic backgrounds who may differ in genetics and body type? You have some women who have wide hips, thick thighs, a plump butt, and nice-sized breasts while others may not have any of these.  The two women are the same age and height but who do you think would be considered overweight or even obese based on a simple weight chart such as the one I described?  The curvaceous one, of course.  But how much should we actually believe these weight charts?  Does fat distribution make a difference (fat in your butt versus fat in your stomach)?  What about body fat percentage or your body frame…how does it tie into all this?  Hmmmm…… Continue reading

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