Meal (and Dessert!) Ideas for the Vegan & Vegetarian…in Pictures!

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So maybe you’ve decided to take the route of becoming a vegan (a person who does not eat anything that comes from animals….no meat, no dairy, no seafood…none of that) or a vegetarian (a person who doesn’t eat meat but will eat some products that come from animals such as dairy).  Or maybe you’d just like to mix up your diet more with vegan and vegetarian dishes for health/fitness reasons.  Whatever your reasoning is it can definitely be a challenge to find meals that fall into these categories you will enjoy…especially if you’re used to eating tasty foods like barbecue chicken, juicy cheeseburgers, and tender steaks.  But we all know that eating these foods on a regular basis is not ideal for someone who is trying to follow a healthier diet.  No worries….there are PLENTY of tasty and healthier vegan and vegetarian alternatives out there that will have you wondering why you ever thought you’d actually miss eating these foods.  Let me help you out with a few meal ideas….I even threw in a couple of desserts!   Continue reading

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Drinking Tips for the Fitness Freak (21 & up)

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 As much as I love fitness I still enjoy having an “adult beverage” sometimes…and I see absolutely nothing wrong with it.  Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a wine lover…dry red being my preference.  But I know how to drink without it interfering with my fitness regimen.  I only drink in moderation and limit my choices to certain types of drinks.  From my experience with drinking while staying fit, here are some tips I can offer.
zucchini lasagna

Zucchini Lasagna

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Growing up, lasagna was one of my fave dishes!  The cheesy, saucy, meaty filling between layers of pasta noodles was just something I couldn’t resist.  I also became very good at making lasagna…so good that people paid me to make them in college a few times :)  Of course, the combination of pasta and loads of cheese along with fatty beef was not healthy at all.  But I still love my lasagna and have a weakness for anything with cheese and tomato sauce!  So it should be no surprise that I’ve found a healthier version of it that I can enjoy without all the guilt (and bloat feeling afterwards).  I recently made and ate my first zucchini pasta and it was ooooo SO GOOOD! Wanna see how I made it and how easy it was using ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen?  Then read on!  

It's a good idea to mix up your sources of protein by including plenty of plant-based proteins.

No, You Don’t Need Meat for Protein

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According to webmd.com, as an adult female I need a minimum 46 grams of protein per day.  An adult male needs 56 grams.  Along with fat and calories, I keep a close eye on the amount of protein I take in on a daily basis.  As someone who doesn’t eat much meat at all (I only eat seafood now and that’s generally 1-2 times a week at most if at all) it is really important to me that I get enough protein.  Protein helps us to feel fuller longer because it takes longer to digest, which can be beneficial for people who maintain a healthy eating regimen and aim to stay within an ideal weight range or are trying to lose weight.  It also helps with cell growth and repair by breaking down amino acids.  So we definitely need protein daily and a good amount of it.  But the misconception that has been beat into our heads over the years is that we must eat meat to get enough protein…this is simply not true.  There are a variety of vegan and vegetarian sources of protein….some of them having more of it than meats.  And unlike meats and eggs that are often touted as primary protein sources, vegan and vegetarian options often are not high in saturated fats and cholesterol making them healthier choices.  Personally, since I’ve drastically reduced my intake of meat I have noticed fairly significant differences such as it being easier for me to maintain my ideal weight and not feeling bloated everyday as I did when I ate meat daily.  If you have struggled for a while with weight loss…even while exercising and changing up your diet then reducing or eliminating meat may be something you want to consider.  Even starting out doing it once or twice a week to see if you notice a difference may help (ever heard of “Meatless Monday”?).  Then you can gradually increase to a week, two weeks, etc….that’s what I did.  But people who have been raised on eating meat may have a difficult time coming up with meal ideas that include non-meat sources of protein.  It definitely takes research and experiments in the kitchen to stay motivated enough to stick with such an eating regimen.  I have my vegan and vegetarian protein sources that I love whipping up in the kitchen.  Here are my top pics along with meal ideas. Continue reading

fitbit charge review

Don’t Just Get Fit…Get Charged with the Fitbit Charge! My Review

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I really LOVE the age of technology…I mean I am an IT professional by day :)  But with my passion for fitness and health I really love combining tech and fitness together and I do this on a daily.  I enjoy tracking meals using MyFitnessPal as well as a couple of other apps to track my runs.  Recently I purchased a Fitbit Flex and so far I’ve enjoyed it very much!  But as a fitness blogger I was recently presented with an opportunity from Verizon to try out the Fitbit Charge and see what all it has to offer. It’s a very cool device to have and I really enjoyed using it.  Are you currently shopping around for a wearable fitness tracking device such as Fitbit?  Or maybe you just haven’t decided which fitness tracker you would like to purchase (because there are many!).  Well check out my review below on my experience with the very cool Fitbit Charge. Continue reading

quinoa cakes

Red & White Quinoa Cakes

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So I’ve grown to LOVE quinoa!  I’ve used it to make stir-fry, meatless taco salad, veggie-topped, and even an apple dish that makes a great breakfast or dessert dish.  I had heard of quinoa cakes before but had never tried or made any myself…until yesterday…and they were AWESOME!  Besides the nutritional value they offer, quinoa cakes are also great for something to eat on-to-go and are filling.  Check out my recipe…if you like quinoa you won’t be disappointed!

leg day

Stand Your Way to Better Fitness and Health

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Being the “fitness freak” I have become I try to find any opportunity I can to burn a few extra calories.  I’ve found that standing as much as possible rather than sitting helps me do just that.   Continue reading

mothers day gift ideas

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts She’ll Absolutely Love

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Ran out of time to get your mother or other special lady a mother’s day gift?  Don’t fret!  It’s never too late to get her something that she’s sure to love or at least greatly appreciate. And it’s the thought that counts anyway right?  Check out these cool, last minute gifts that you can get for your Mother’s Day honoree. Continue reading


Healthy Living: Fitness, Food, and Fun!

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leg dayWho says living a healthy lifestyle (because it is DEFINITELY a lifestyle) has to be boring?  There are many misconceptions when it comes to topics on what healthy living is.  Many think it means eating nothing but salads with little to no dressing and small meals that leave you feeling hungry.  Others think it means working out to the point of exhaustion and achy muscles.  And some just think it is plain BORING.  I mean how eating healthy and consistently working out be interesting enough for you to make it a lifestyle? Continue reading

vegan soul food

Vegan Soul Food: Beans, Greens, & “Cornbread”!

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Who says soul food has to include fatty meats, lots of grease, and high sodium seasonings?!  Here’s  a meatless soul food recipe that’s packed with plant-based protein…I’m talking about kale greens, great northern beans, and couscous “cornbread”. Continue reading

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Why the Open Concept Office Needs to Change (or die a slow death)

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The first time I saw an open concept office I wasn’t feeling it at all.  I see it as a breeding ground for germ-spreading and constant exposure to others even when you just prefer to work alone.  Unfortunately, this trend has really taken off in the world of IT.  And although I’m sure there are many who dislike this concept as much as I do the open concept office trend continues to spread with more companies jumping on board with it.  Even mid and upper level managers are sometimes seated in these “open, collaborative” areas.  Besides a concept that encourages collaboration amongst colleagues, the open concept office is also supposed to help build a stronger team and an atmosphere of inclusion and fairness as I’ve read in some articles and from my own experience.  It is also thought that this will encourage team members to work together more and, as a result, get more work done.  Think about it…if you’re sitting in an open concept office then you’re less likely to check your personal email, shop online, or take “work selfies” to post to your social media pages.  An open office environment likely makes you feel as if you’re always being watched.  So, of course, you’re going to get more work done since you have less time to goof off, right?  Not necessarily. 

  Here are a few I can think of from my own experience. Continue reading

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