Meal (and Dessert!) Ideas for the Vegan & Vegetarian…in Pictures!

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So maybe you’ve decided to take the route of becoming a vegan (a person who does not eat anything that comes from animals….no meat, no dairy, no seafood…none of that) or a vegetarian (a person who doesn’t eat meat but will eat some products that come from animals such as dairy).  Or maybe you’d just like to mix up your diet more with vegan and vegetarian dishes for health/fitness reasons.  Whatever your reasoning is it can definitely be a challenge to find meals that fall into these categories you will enjoy…especially if you’re used to eating tasty foods like barbecue chicken, juicy cheeseburgers, and tender steaks.  But we all know that eating these foods on a regular basis is not ideal for someone who is trying to follow a healthier diet.  No worries….there are PLENTY of tasty and healthier vegan and vegetarian alternatives out there that will have you wondering why you ever thought you’d actually miss eating these foods.  Let me help you out with a few meal ideas….I even threw in a couple of desserts!   Continue reading Meal (and Dessert!) Ideas for the Vegan & Vegetarian…in Pictures!

My GoPro Hero 4 Review

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I recently had the opportunity to try out the GoPro Hero 4 camera for a few days courtesy of Verizon Wireless.  Pretty cool camera if you’re really into creating great videos and getting great shots.  Not so cool if you’re like me and just want something simple and straight-forward to use for the same purpose.

Continue reading My GoPro Hero 4 Review

How Useful Does Your Doctor View Your Fitness Tracker Data?

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fitbit charge reviewI recently read an article about the growing popularity of wearable fitness trackers and their ability to provide key data that some may think their doctors should reference to see where they are health-wise. These days, the average wearable fitness tracker provides data such as the number of steps taken in a day and calories burned. Others provide even more data such as heart rate, sleep patterns, and even strength data.  Having all this “health” data at our hands is great, right?  Instead of waiting until we go to the doctor, take lab and other tests, and get our results back we can now get some of this data from a wearable fitness tracker such as heart rate, for example. But how much does the data fitness trackers provide such as the number of steps taken in a day or daily calorie burn really factor into our overall health?  And how useful is this data to your doctor? Maybe not quite useful as you think …if at all.   Continue reading How Useful Does Your Doctor View Your Fitness Tracker Data?

How To Use Social Media To Inspire Your Fitness Journey

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It seems like the new thing to do these days is post transformation social mediapictures on social media.  I see them all the time now.  Someone posts a collage showing on the left side what they looked like two years or however long ago and on the right side how they currently look.  They may or may not list their old and current weight but from looking at the pictures you can definitely see the progress made.  Seeing such pictures can be a huge motivator…this even motivated me when I started considering getting more serious about my fitness journey.  And a few months later after starting my journey I was able to post my own transformation picture and still continue to do so from time to time.  I’ve also chosen to follow a number of people on social media whose pictures impressed me to the point that I wanted to know what they had done to lose the weight and what they continue to do to maintain it.  But I don’t just choose to follow any and everyone who appear to be “fitness freaks” on social media.  There are a few things I like to consider first before hitting the “follow” or “like” button…and I think you should do the same. Continue reading How To Use Social Media To Inspire Your Fitness Journey

Upcoming Event!

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Ladies, if any of the following applies to you:

  • you’ve been struggling to find a way to keep that hair on point during your workouts
  • you’re tired of spending money to get your hair done at the salon only to sweat it out a couple of days later at the gym
  • you’ve avoided getting in a good workout (or a workout at all) because you don’t want to sweat out your hairstyle
  • you are confused by all the available hair products on the market and need help identifying which is the best for your hair type
  • you just need some ideas on cute hairstyles that are fairly easy to maintain even through the most sweaty workouts

Then this event is for you!  Continue reading Upcoming Event!

Rock Out Your Workouts with the Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III!

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If you’re anything like me there’s nothing like some good hype music to keep you pumped during your workouts.  For me, listening to some of my fave tunes while working out really gets me going…even seems to give me more energy to get through the workout!  Maybe it’s all in my head but it usually works for me :)  I work out at home a lot and sometimes I like to switch what rooms I work out in.  So one day I might be in the living room and another day I may work out in my bedroom.  Next week, maybe I’ll do it in the basement for a few days.  My point is that I like to switch it up.  But this can be a problem when I want to take my music with me.  I mean sure I could use my earbuds but I’d rather hear the same clear, bass-boosting, room-filling sound I get when I work out in my living room where I have my home stereo system.  With advances in technology such as Bluetooth and more compact but still powerful devices I can now take that “living room home stereo system” sound (or at least close to it) with me anywhere in (or outside of) my home.  But it can’t just be any Bluetooth speaker…it has to be something that I know will provide the great quality sound I’m looking for to keep me going during my workouts.  That’s exactly what the Bose SoundLink Bluetooth speaker III did for me during my trial use of it courtesy of Verizon.  Continue reading Rock Out Your Workouts with the Bose SoundLink Bluetooth Speaker III!

Virtual Fitness Coaching – How I Can Help You On Your Fitness Journey

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I love technology.  It allows us to do so much that just wasn’t possible years ago.  It also makes staying fit easier.  Gone are the days when we had to go meet in person with a personal trainer to make sure we were being held accountable for meeting our fitness goals.  With technology such as social media, apps, email, cloud drives, and smartphones we can constantly connect to each other to exchange information on how to stay fit.  It saves time and money to utilize technology for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  This is why I’m adding to my list of titles “virtual fitness coach”.  I do not need to live in your city to help you with your fitness goals…I can help you from afar!  I’m already coaching a few individuals who live in other states and I’m realizing that with the use of technology I’m able to offer them pretty much the same as what I offer local clients…outside of in-person meetings (unless one of us decides to travel).  With that said, here is how I can help you as your coach and services I can offer: Continue reading Virtual Fitness Coaching – How I Can Help You On Your Fitness Journey

A Fitness Tech Diva Presents: Overcoming “Workout Hair Struggles”!

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ATTENTION ATTENTION! Calling all stylists and fitness freaks interested in helping ladies who deal with “workout hair struggles”! A Fitness Tech Diva is planning an event and I really want you to be a part of it! There are so many sistas who get discouraged from working out because of the what it does to our hair (I can relate)! Y’all know what I’m talking about. You get your hair done on Friday, look fly for the weekend, go to the gym Monday and do a sweaty workout and POOF goes the hair! It’s hard to avoid this happening since many of us tend to sweat in our scalp. And there are SOOO many products on the shelves in stores that it’s hard to know which one to choose that will actually work! After trying multiple products and spending multiple DOLLARS on ones that didn’t work it can get extremely frustrating after a while. That’s why I’m putting together this event. Here’s what I’m looking for. Continue reading A Fitness Tech Diva Presents: Overcoming “Workout Hair Struggles”!

Keepin’ It Real: Does Fitness “Fit” Your Lifestyle?

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fitnessFitness is a lifestyle.  I’m sure you have seen or heard this a number of times.  People say it, wear it on their clothing, post it on social media…it’s a truth that all of us “fitness freaks” share.  But what perception do those who may not quite fit into this lifestyle have of it?  Is this a lifestyle they can ever fit into or become part of?  When they look at weight charts and see that, according to these charts, they are 15 pounds overweight then do they feel like the “fitness freak” club is one they can never join because of all the obstacles they face?  These obstacles may include things such as what we enjoy eating, work/life balance, and even how we socialize.  How would you feel if a personal trainer or health coach told you that fried chicken you just can’t live without eating every Sunday for dinner is bad for you because of all the fat and calories it contains? Or what if someone tells you that you need to set aside at least 30 minutes to an hour at a minimum of 6 days a week to meet your weight goal when you typically work 45-50 hours a week minimum AND have a family at home?  How about those happy hours you and your friends have made it a weekly ritual to hook up at…your health coach tells you that those are a NO NO because of the temptation you face with all the available alcoholic drinks and fatty appetizers. How do you feel…this is an important part of how you socialize with others to wind down from the work week.  Do you really want to give up these things to be a part of the fitness lifestyle?  Of course, being fit and healthy is extremely beneficial so everyone should want to make it their goal.  But in reality, many do not know where to start or have the mindset to even think about starting out on a fitness journey.  As a result, what many of these health coaches, personal trainers, and others are telling these people falls on deaf ears.  And the “unfit” cycle they live in continues.   Continue reading Keepin’ It Real: Does Fitness “Fit” Your Lifestyle?

October: National Popcorn Month!

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Did you know that October is National Popcorn Month?  Popcorn is one of my fave snacks that I always keep in my pantry.  It’s easy to make, tasty (depending on the seasonings you use), and most of all healthy (unless you overload it with oil, butter, sugary stuff or salt)!  I stopped buying microwave popcorn about a year ago because of the chemicals used inside of the bags.  I didn’t want to feed that to my kids especially considering how much popcorn we consume (we typically eat it at home several times a week!).  So I returned to what I knew from my childhood and purchased an air popper.  The kids love watching the kernels turn into popcorn and fall into the bowl.
Even when their friends come over it’s quite a site for them to see! In honor of National Popcorn Month, here are a few fun facts about this tasty treat.  Continue reading October: National Popcorn Month!

Simple Steps to Transform Your Body

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PhotoGrid_1443557029339So yesterday was Transformation Tuesday and I posted the below pic in honor of it.  Sometimes I think to myself that I haven’t lost that much weight…that it’s not 50-100 pounds like some so it’s not as noticeable.  But when I look at my old pics compared to now I can definitely see the difference.  Since early February of this year I have been on a fitness journey and have become ADDICTED to the fit lifestyle.  No, I won’t say I go overboard with it…I do take breaks (I now work out 5-6 times a week versus everyday) and I even have bad food and drinks every so often.  But there are a few key things that have helped me keep the weight I lost off and stick to this new, healthier, more fit lifestyle I’m living.  And you can do the same. Keep reading for my tips on how you can start living a lifestyle that will have you feeling and looking better than ever and make you see that the fit life is where it’s at. Continue reading Simple Steps to Transform Your Body

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