Social Media’s Impact on Relationships: The Survey and Results

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I recently conducted a survey on the impact that social media has on today’s relationships.  With the worldwide heavy usage of social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram it is certainly to be expected that it would have some impact on relationships and even play a major role in redefining relationships in today’s society.  Think about it.  People get engaged and can’t wait to update their Facebook status to show it (well, maybe not so much the guys but usually the women are quick to do this).  People love to post oh-so-lovey couple pics from date night or family pics from that trip they took with the kids to Florida.  Or how about the relationship status updates made after a nasty breakup when the person can’t wait to let their social media friends know that their “back in the game”….or even worse when their status reflects that they are stuck in a relationship that’s “complicated”?  This has become all too common in today’s society where social media plays a huge role in our lives.  It gives people a look into the lives of others via pictures, posts, comments, bios, resumes, and yes…relationship statuses. So has social media had any impact on your relationship?  If so was it good or bad?  Social media has certainly been the blame for the demise of many relationships causing some people to not even be connected with their significant other as, for example, Facebook friends.  It may sound crazy to some that a husband and wife are not friends at all on Facebook but to others who may have dealt with the drama it sometimes causes it is totally understandable.  I wanted to conduct this survey to get an idea of how others view the the impact of social media on relationships and below are the results. 

Hey Fellas, 7 Reasons to Lose (or Avoid) That Beer Belly

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We’ve all seen an increase in bulging bellies as we get older whether it is with our friends or ourselves. It just seems to be a part of getting older….but it doesn’t have to be nor should it be and for good reasons. While big (non-pregnant) bellies can adversely affect the health of men and women, this article focuses more on how it affects men. The effects it can have range from a variety of health problems to sexual performance. Hopefully, the reasons listed here will motivate men reading this to do something about their bulging bellies or avoid ever having one. Not only are they highly unattractive but in some cases it could even mean life or death. So let’s dive in!

A Social Tech Diva Presents: Ladies Night…Keep It Tight n Right!

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ladies nightSo y’all probably know by now that I’m all #aboutdatfitlife!  Well, if you’re local to the St. Louis area or may happen to be in town the weekend of this event I’m asking you to join me for a fun night of learning some sexy video vixen and pole dancing moves!  It’s so fun you’ll forget that you’re actually working out!  I’ve taken these classes a few times and I can say that I did bust a sweat and it was well worth it.  Not only do you get to learn these moves to add to your workouts but you can also use them for other purposes (insert sly grin here)!

5 Budget-Friendly Things to Do With the Kids This Summer

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Summer is usually a fun season for all…especially the kids who get to enjoy some much needed time out of school.  During this time, you may want to do a variety of things to assure your children have an enjoyable summer.  And guess what… don’t have to spend an outrageous amount of money doing so.  In fact, you can come up with your own activities that can be enjoyed by your kids and their friends right in your backyard!  And since you can do these activities right at your home they can be as budget-friendly as you’d like to make them.  So if you’re ready to put on your creative hat and host some memorable summer activities for the kids then read on!

summer fun_kids

7 Salads To Try for a Week: Maintain That Summer Physique!

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IMAG4285Excited about the arrival of warmer weather but feeling “some type of way” about the look of your physique?  Or maybe with all the parties, barbecues, and other type of gatherings you are concerned about being able to maintain your physique.  I mean really who wants to go on a crazy get-skinny-quick diet week after week and how realistic is it anyway??  How about incorporating different salads into your diet for a week?  I’m not talking about just eating lettuce leaves topped with a little red wine vinegar and a couple of tomato slices.  I’m talking about delicious, nutritious, colorful, filling salads that you can either eat as sides or even as the main dish.  

Pool Safety: What You Should Know About Secondary Drowning

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With Memorial Day coming, it not only means the return of summer soon but also the reopening of pools everywhere….good times!  BUT….there are certain precautions that need to be taken ESPECIALLY as it relates to young children who are eager to jump into the oh-so-inviting swimming pools.  We all know what drowning is but how many of you know about secondary drowning?  Apparently, not enough of us do…and it could mean life or death.

Secondary drowning often occurs later after the person was immersed in water and water was left in the lungs.  For example, a person may have been immersed in water earlier in the day taking water into the lungs but appeared to recover OK afterwards.  But later in the day, that person may have started to show signs of respiratory distress. This is how secondary drowning generally occurs and a person suffering from it can start to show signs anywhere from one (1) to forty eight (48) hours later.  Based on the National Center for Biotechnology Information government website, secondary drowning is defined as deterioration of pulmonary function that follows deficient gas exchange due to loss or inactivation of surfactant.  Based on studies, secondary drowning is generally more likely to be fatal in those who were immersed in salt water versus those in fresh water.  But in either case, it can still be fatal.

There are simple things you can do to prevent secondary drowning such as learning to swim and/or staying within a pool depth that you are comfortable with.  You should also be aware of the signs of secondary drowning in the case that the person suffering from it needs medical attention.  Here are some signs I got from the Safety un-limited site:

  • Irritation or pain in the throat or chest
  • Coughing after taking a deep breath
  • Persistent coughing or wheezing
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Unusual fatigue
  • Dizziness/altered level of consciousness
  • Vomiting or diarrhea

If a person who you know experienced a possible recent near-drowning incident shows any of these symptoms PLEASE take it seriously and get them medical attention as soon as possible.  Even if the person doesn’t show these symptoms he/she should still be monitored for the next 72 hours following the incident.

Stay safe and informed!


Take This Survey and Win a Prize!

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A Social Tech Diva is hosting its first giveaway!  All you have to do is take this short survey to help me out with an upcoming article I’m writing on the impact social media has had on relationships.  Just for participating, you can be entered into a drawing for a prize!  Just leave your name and email address if interested (don’t feel obligated to do so).  I will run this drawing until end of night

Link to the survey:

Wondering what the prizes up for grabs are?

Prize 1: Date Night-In

  • Bottle of wine
  • Large box of “Chicago style” cheddar and caramel popcorn from my fave popcorn shop Popportunities
  • DVD of my fave movie “Wolf of Wall Street”

Prize 2: Date Night-Out

  • $25 movie giftcard
  • $25 restaurant giftcard

So help me out with your responses to the survey so I can hook you up with a cool date night in or out!  Spread the word and look out for more giveaways to come in the near future!

Easy Black Bean Vegan Burgers for Your Next Cookout!

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Planning a cook out soon?  With the arrival of warmer weather are you ready to fire up that grill?  Well, here’s a tasty vegan alternative to the typical grilled burgers you likely grew up eating.  YES, I did say TASTY VEGAN ALTERNATIVE!  Check out this recipe that uses black beans, veggies, and some seasonings that I’m sure you and your guests will enjoy.

Vegan Black Bean Burgers

Vegan Black Bean Burgers

GPS Tracking for Kids Without Breaking the Bank

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With the warmer months and longer days finally arriving, kids everywhere are taking advantage and enjoying playtime outside with friends giving parents some greatly appreciated time to chill-lax.  Most of us parents have our kids follow the ol’ school rule of coming in the house before the street lights come on.  But with so many crazy people around nowadays as a parent that rule just doesn’t seem to be enough for my comfort level.  Some scary but eye-opening statistics I found in this article included that only 24% of the time a child gets kidnapped by someone unknown by the family and majority of abducted children are killed within the first 3 hours after being taken.   After reading those stats I find it more important than ever to know my children’s whereabouts at all times and I’m sure you do, too.  GPS

Six Healthier, Creative Snacks Your Kids (and you!) Will Love

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As a mother, I can relate to the struggle with getting kids to eat healthier.  While I care about the amount of sugar and bad fats they may take in with the foods they eat along with any nutritional value offered, they could care less (as expected).  This “struggle” has inspired me to get a little creative in thinking of ways to get them to eat more of the things I know they should…many times without them even knowing it (think Sneaky Chef!).  If you can relate then maybe you will find helpful this list of creative, nutritional snack ideas for kids I have compiled.  Be sure to check back for recipes!